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Michael Kors Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 14 2020

The Michael Kors brand is synonymous with luxury handbags, shoes, and accessories and has, for many years, been a symbol of prestige, class, and elegance.

In 1981, the brand was founded by Michael Kors to create an unparalleled luxury brand. The brand has certainly lived up to his original expectations and it is now world-renowned and has won numerous awards for its commitment to impeccable design and quality.

When the Michael Kors brand is mentioned, most people immediately think of their beautiful, designer handbags and shoes. These are the items that the brand is most famous for and many ladies dream of one day owning a statement Michael Kors bag.

In addition to footwear and handbags, the Michael Kors line also consists of ready-to-wear fashion for ladies and men, including stylish dresses, trousers, and shirts. They also have their signature fragrances, wearable technology, and stylish eyewear.

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The Michael Kors brand is an international line with its main reach in cities known for their influence on fashion, such as New York, Milan, Beverly Hills, Munich, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Michael Kors is still very much involved in the day-to-day running of his iconic brand and still gives a lot of input into the design of each and every Michael Kors item that is released.

As a brand, Michael Kors is glamorous, elegant, and is famous for its class of chic and effortless timelessness. Although the brand is very focused on luxury and style, they are committed to helping those less fortunate, and a percentage of all their sales are donated to various charities, a gesture that is unique for a luxury fashion brand.


If you are looking to take your fashion game to the next level, with items that add that extra bit of sophistication, indulgence, and playfulness, we can highly recommend the Michael Kors range. Supporting this spectacular brand means that you are investing in your own luxurious and enduring fashion lifestyle with clothing and accessories that you will love wearing and that will help you to make your own, personal footprint in the world.

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