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Quiz Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 14 2020

The modern and fashion-conscious woman requires a lot more of the clothing and accessories that she wears than ever before. In these busy times, women don't have excess time to dedicate to putting complex outfits together and prefer a fashion brand that offers them effortless style and easy-to-wear, versatile garments.

If this sounds like you, then the Quiz brand may be perfect for you!

Quiz is a UK-based fashion line that was started in 1993 by a team of Scottish designers. Year on year, they have seen continued growth and expansion and they are now an international fashion line with a reach in every continent, including Africa.

Here at fbo, we are very excited about this young and fresh range of clothing and accessories. We love how our customers are discovering the exquisite and well-tailored designs that help them to live their best lives and express their own, individual personalities.

As a fashion brand, Quiz embraces the latest trends in fashion by injecting it with their own style. You can see this in the amazing detail on their clothing and the way that the fabric fits and enhances the attributes of the wearer.

Each season, Quiz fans eagerly await the latest range. These are met with great enthusiasm because Quiz strives to make their clothing and accessories available to most people at reasonable prices.

Since its inception, Quiz has been a dynamic brand, combining the best features of catwalk fashion each season with a certain element of timelessness so that each item can be kept for many seasons. Quiz aims to produce fashion that can be mixed and matched into outfits that are exciting, beautiful, and innovative.

Their design team works tirelessly to create designs that will appeal to even the most fashion averse person and transform the look and feel of your entire wardrobe.

Quiz has everything you need to take your summer or winter wardrobe from zero to hero! We love their pretty and lightweight summer dresses in beautiful pastel shades and their tailored trousers that flatter and provide plenty of comfort and style to your corporate wardrobe.

Their shoes are also particularly popular and if you are looking for a new pair of killer heels, Quiz should definitely be your first stop!

Of course, who could forget their specially designed jeans, their elegant blouses, and unique handbags? This is a brand that appeals to anyone who is young at heart and refuses to compromise on the quality and style of the clothing that they wear.

Interested in the Quiz line? Why not visit us? We have modern outlets throughout Gauteng (in the Joburg CBD, Lakeside Mall, Kempton Park, Springs, Randburg Square, Church Square, Mall@Reds, and Atterbury Value Mart. You can also shop for all your Quiz clothing and accessories online at and have your goodies delivered directly to your doorstep!