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Replay Jeans

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on November 03 2020

Fbo is proud to stock the highly popular Replay jeans brand in our stores.

Replay jeans was created by designer, Claudio Buziol as a brand almost 40 years ago in Italy by a company known as Fashion Box S.p.A. At the time, Fashion Box S.p.A was only a tiny company but, over the years, it has grown to be one of the world's leading fashion companies, selling the most popular jeans in the entire denim sector.

Based in Asolo (Treviso), Fashion Box S.p.A creates a number of denim jean lines, including the Replay jeans line which has proven to be their most popular brand yet.

Italian fashion is world-renowned as being innovative, of exceptional quality, and incredibly stylish. If you are looking for a new jeans brand that offers you versatility, style, and timelessness all rolled into one, then Replay jeans is the brand for you.

Each pair of Replay jeans is expertly handmade and features the brand's iconic stitching and classic look that flatters any body size or shape.


Replay jeans sell its highly sought-after jeans mainly in the European market, the USA, the UK, and certain African countries, including South Africa.

Replay jeans takes its name from a play on words. It was born out of the concept of re-making, re-elaborating, and re-creating to form a sustainable and fashionable jeans label.

As Replay jeans have become more popular, they have never strayed from their original vision to provide jeans that are classics, affordable, and of superior quality. Of course, with the passing fashion trends over the years, they have inserted a contemporary twist into their style, while still retaining their iconic look.

Replay jeans have been popular among celebrities, stars, and the average man on the street for many years. They have had some very famous brand ambassadors, including football players from the FC Barcelona team, as well as celebrities such as Joana Small, Neymar, Adrian Brody, Alessandra Ambrosio, and many others.

Replay jeans fully believe that the jeans you wear should be a reflection of who you are, what you represent, and your unique style. To this end, their jeans are not your normal, run of the mill jeans that you will find in every department store. Rather, they are a departure from the norm and wonderfully unique and characterful.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of skinny jeans, some classic blue straight leg jeans, or some black or white jeans, we recommend taking a look at the Replay jeans range as we are sure that you will not be disappointed.


With Replay jeans' commitment to quality and style, your jeans can be considered to be an investment and a great addition to both your summer and winter wardrobe.

Why not take a look at fbo's Replay jeans range? Our prices are massively discounted. Shop online on our easy-to-use platform or visit us in store soon!