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River Island Brand Overview

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on December 14 2020

River Island is a relatively new brand to the South African fashion landscape but it has taken the country by storm.

Fbo stocks this well-loved clothing brand both in our outlets and online. We have eight spacious and modern outlets in Lakeside Mall, the Joburg CBD, Springs CBD, Randburg Square, Kempton Park, Church Square in Pretoria, Mall@Reds and the Atterbury Value Mart . You can also find the River Island range on our online shopping portal by visiting

Lovers of great fashion who refuse to compromise on quality and price will naturally love the River Island label.

Why Buy River Island Clothing At fbo

The River Island range is young, fresh, exciting and fun, and has been around for over 60 years, gracing the high streets in Europe and North America for just as long.

Most River Island fans love the way the brand offers them the opportunity to own designer-type clothing at amazing prices. This means that River Island is within reach for students and young professionals who are looking to get more out of the clothing they buy.

River Island clothing and accessories are characterised by their unique touches and the incredible attention to detail apparent on each item. This commitment to uniqueness and detail has resulted in the River Island label standing out from normal high street fashion brands and, for several decades it has been considered the go-to brand for the fashion-conscious.

In terms of their offering, River Island boasts beautiful casual wear, jeans, occasion wear and a large selection of handbags, shoes, costume jewelry and accessories.

If you are looking for something fresh and different, you should definitely consider River Island. This label has everything you need to create a brand new look and style, whether you want to revamp your office wardrobe, you need some great casual wear or you simply want to stand out from the crowd.

With each new season, you can rely on River Island to bring you completely original garments that have been designed with you in mind. Their clothing is designed to bring out the wearers best features, and is made from the best quality fabrics.

River Island has their own team of in-house designers who are dedicated to creating innovative new looks. New items are released each week so you are always spoiled for choice when you choose to favour this premium brand.

River Island has roots in the United Kingdom, where it has over 350 stores. In addition, they have a large global presence and have stores on almost every continent.

That being said, if you want to benefit from River Island clothing and accessories at the best prices, take a look at fbo today.

Are you a fan of River Island? Let us know what you like best about the brand as we would love to hear from you!