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Summer Kiddies Clothing Essentials

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 02 2020

If you have kids, you will know that buying them clothes is an ongoing process as they seem to grow exponentially with every season.


With the economy being in dire straits and many people struggling to make ends meet, is it still possible to kit your child out for this summer and will you be able to afford it?


The good news is that if you shop intelligently, you will be able to buy a great, new summer wardrobe for your child! Here at fbo, we stock a wide range of cost-effective and stylish kids’ clothing at prices that will make you smile.


So, what does every child need in their summer wardrobe and what are the essentials this season? Let’s take a look!

 Kids Clothing

  • T-shirts.

The t-shirt is a definite wardrobe staple. Each child should have at least 2 or 3 t-shirts in neutral colours so that they can be easily mixed and matched with pants, skirts and shorts.


Look for t-shirts that are made mostly from cotton as this will keep your child cool and fresh throughout the summer.


At fbo, we have some great t-shirts for children in a range of styles and colors that are guaranteed to keep them stylish yet comfortable during the warmer months.


2) Shorts or skirts.

Boys should have at least 2 to 3 pairs of shorts that are comfortable to wear while playing and when out and about. Darker coloured shorts tend not to show the dirt as much, especially since your little boy will most likely be playing outside and getting dirty soon!


Likewise, girls should also have a few pairs of shorts, skirts or a combination of both. Whether your little girl loves twirly skirts, maxi skirts or tomboy shorts, you will find everything you need at fbo!


3) Comfortable sandals.

Children love wearing sandals during the summer, but they need to fit comfortably and not form blisters on their feet. Look for sandals that are not likely to cause injury to your child’s feet and ones that they can easily run around in outside.


4) Hats and caps.

In South Africa, the UVA and UVB rays are really strong during the summer months and children’s skin should be protected as much as possible. A stylish hat helps a great deal when your child is playing outside, spending the day on the beach or relaxing over the weekend.


5) Raincoat and a warm top.

Since most of South Africa experiences summer rainfall, even though the weather is normally quite warm, a raincoat plus a thin, long-sleeved top can help a lot if you are unexpectedly caught in a sudden rainstorm or there is a bit if a breeze.


6) Formal outfit.

Finally, summer is the time when many people get married and when there tends to be more formal functions and parties. If you are attending a party of formal event, they will need a smart dress or pants and shirt.