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Top 10 must-haves for your summer wardrobe

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 02 2020

Did you know that fbo has the inside scoop on everything that is hot and trending this summer?


Let’s take a look at the top 10 must-haves for your summer wardrobe this season!

 summer clothing essentials

  • The Cotton Summer Dress.

Many ladies will be happy to hear that the iconic cotton dress is back in a big way this summer!


Cotton is a wonderful summer fabric as it is breathable and also keeps you cool, even on the hottest days. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle much at all and you will look as fresh as a daisy at all times.


Whether you opt for a classic, white cotton mini dress, a maxi dress in your favourite colour cotton or something in between, fbo has an extensive collection and something to suit all tastes, budgets and sizes.


2) The Sheer Layer.

Add that something extra to your summer outfit with a sheer layer. Summer 2020 will see a lot of sheer layers being worn over cami tops and tank tops. These give you an elegant and glamorous look without having to try too hard.


Our customers love the new sheer, chiffon top layers that can be worn over a variety of fitted tops. Choose from a sheer layer that has a cardigan style and is open in the front, or a solid layer to add depth to your outfit.


Some ladies like wearing a sheer layer over their swimwear while at the beach or at the pool but the choice is yours and you can get really creative with these versatile garments.


3) Open-toed sandals.

Forget about the peep-toe shoes that were huge last season. This summer, we can expect to see a lot of open-toed sandals being worn by ladies throughout the southern hemisphere.


This is the perfect opportunity to show off your newly pedicured toes and to enjoy shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish.


Open-toed sandals can be worn with anything this summer. They look great with a dress, when paired with a pair of summer shorts or with your capris.


Many open-toed shoes are also cushioned, making them a highly coveted item this season.




4) Bermuda shorts in linen.

We are proud to welcome Bermuda shorts back to the catwalks in 2020! The most popular kinds of Bermuda shorts this season will be ones made of linen.


We love the versatility of linen Bermuda shorts because you can dress them up or down. For a twist on the traditional corporate office wear look, pair them with a smart blouse or shirt and some killer heels. This is perfect for those hot summer’s days when you need to look smart, but you are also concerned about keeping cool in the heat.


You can also wear your Bermuda shorts with your favourite graphic tee or a feminine summer blouse to make you ready for anything


5) Neon anything.

You just need to glimpse at the catwalks this season to know that neon is huge.


From bright pinks and oranges, to greens and yellows, neon will play a major role in your wardrobe this season.


You can wear your neon colours in a variety of ways. Some ladies like to wear it from head to toe for a statement look, while others like to include one neon item in their outfit, such as a neon shirt or an accessory in neon.


Don’t get left out and get your hands on your own, beautiful neon item from fbo!


6) Drawstring pants.

Gone are embellished and decorative belts and very much in are drawstring pants, skirts and shorts.


Drawstring pants are wonderful to wear in the summer. They give you a relaxed yet stylish look and feel very comfortable when worn.


Wear them to the office if you pair them with a collared shirt or enjoy them over the weekend with a matching tee or shirt and your favorite sneakers.


We recommend looking for drawstring pants in linen or cotton to keep extra cool, calm and collected on the hottest days.


7) Cropped t-shirts.

Ready to show off your midriff this summer? Toss aside those winter woolies, delayer and show off your toned abdomen with a stylish cropped t-shirt.


fbo has a beautiful collection of cropped tees. You can find a cheeky, graphic cropped tee or opt for a more sophisticated cropped top for a fun night on the town.


8) Polo shirts.

Preppy polo shirts are back and are better than ever before!


While men have enjoyed wearing polo shirts for several years now, 2020 is the time for ladies to embrace them wholeheartedly.


Trending polo shirts this year come in beautiful designs, such as delicate horizontal stripes and pretty patterns. Pick one in your preferred design and color and rock it with a pair of Bermuda shorts, a skirt or wear it to the office and accessorise with some glamorous jewelry.



9) High waisted pants and shorts.

Low rise pants and skirts are definitely out, and high waisted pants and shorts are very much in this summer.


The good news is that high waisted garments can be quite comfortable and also help to pull in any excess fat in the abdominal area. fbo customers love wearing their high waisted pants with a crop top for a wonderfully elongated look to the figure.


Take a look at our summer range of high waisted pants and shorts and find the perfect pair for you!


10) Halter neck tops.

Reminiscent of the early 2000s, halter neck tops are great for the summer as they keep you cool and show off the elegance in your shoulder and neck area.


Since they tie around your neck, you probably won’t want to wear a necklace, but you can easily find a trending halter neck top with a metal insert in the neck area for a built-in accessory!


Wear your halter neck top with jeans or a pair of high waisted pants and you are ready for anything this season!