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Trending colours for this summer season

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 02 2020

Summer 2020 is almost upon us and many of us have already been thinking about upgrading and adding to our summer wardrobes. If this sounds like you, you might be wondering what the trending colours are for this coming season.


We can confirm that there are some beautiful and exciting colours that will be gracing the catwalks this season and the good news is that fbo now stocks summer apparel in the latest colours and styles!


Our beautiful collection of elegant summer dresses, pretty skirts and summery blouses means that you will be spoiled for choice when you visit an fbo outlet or when shopping online.

Which colour you ultimately decide to go with will of course also depend on your complexion and how well the colour suits you. Let’s take a look at the most popular colour trends in fashion this season and how you can select colours to suit your skin type…

 trending clothing colours for summer

Flame scarlet.


Although flame scarlet is quite a warm and slightly dark colour, it is very on trend at the moment and we can expect to see countless beautiful summer dresses, tops and accessories in this bold colour.


Flame scarlet embodies confidence and makes a strong statement. Look for summer dresses in this lovely colour or perhaps go with a slightly more subdued look and select a flame scarlet top.


This striking colour suits most complexion types, especially lighter skin tones where it will provide a beautiful contrast between dark and light.


Coral Pink.


Coral pink is feminine, soft, girly and playful. This cheerful colour is ideal for summer but if you don’t feel like wearing too much of it, you could always opt for an accessory, pair of pants or a top in coral pink.


Why not accessorise your office suit or summer dress with a statement coral pink handbag or scarf?


Coral pink looks beautiful and really accentuates darker skin tones, drawing the eye in to the best features of your face. Lighter skin tones can sometimes look a bit dull and pasty against coral pink so you should probably avoid it if you have lighter skin.




Neon is hands-down the big winner in terms of colour this summer! You have probably already noticed the gorgeous neon clothing, accessories and shoes that are doing the rounds at the moment.


This bright and uplifting hue is seen in many shades, such as pink, yellow, green, orange and more. Whether you want to wear neon from head to toe or simply wear one piece of clothing to give your outfit that added boost, neon is definitely the way to go this summer!


Neon has the advantage of being cheerful, fun, playful and energising and it is the perfect shade to introduce into your current wardrobe to shake things up.


The good news is that neon looks great with most skin types and complexions. It can brighten up pale and grey skin tones and also bring out the best features of darker skin tones.


With neon, it all depends on what your favourite neon colour is and then choosing something you like from there. Some ladies are a little reluctant to wear neon but the good news is that you don’t have to wear it from head to toe. It will have just as much as an impact if you choose to accessorise with a cheerful neon handbag, bangle or scarf.


Here at fbo, we currently have some very popular neon garments. Take a look at our neon accessories and handbags, as well as our clothing range and you will find inspiration for your new summer wardrobe!