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Wonderbra - the iconic lingerie brand

Written by Tamzin Janse van Vuuren


Posted on October 02 2020

Wonderbra is the most iconic lingerie brand and for good reason! It has been around for several decades and, since its inception, it has captivated the hearts of women throughout the world with its top-quality lingerie and ability to enhance a woman’s natural figure.


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Wonderbra was launched back in 1935 in the United States and, even in those first years, it was considered to be a glamorous and highly coveted brand. For the first few decades, it was definitely not a mainstream brand until the 1990s, when it gained a lot of fame for its innovative push-up bra which was the one of its kind at the time that could enhance cleavage, making it look 2 sizes bigger.


Since the 90s, the Wonderbra brand has become incredibly popular in Europe, as well as in South Africa where it is now sold in every major department store, including here at fbo.


One of the ways in which Wonderbra gained its notoriety and popularity was with its unique and eye-catching advertising campaigns. These adverts featured sexy models wearing cheeky Wonderbra lingerie which resulted in the brand almost selling out of its beautiful lingerie.

 Wonderbra brand

Today, Wonderbra is one of the biggest lingerie brands in the world. It is a highly versatile and adaptive brand, continuously adding new products to its line and removing old and obsolete items.


Luckily, Wonderbra is so much more than it was back in the 1990s where its main draw was the amazing push-up bra. These days, you can select the perfect Wonderbra item for your needs: whether you want to enhance your cleavage, play it down or create a special effect, there is a Wonderbra product to suit you and your own, unique body shape.


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